About Us

Custom CoolEtch was born out of Janie D’s skills as a silversmith/3D designer/Art Jewellery designer and Chris/BBB’s love of guitars and performing.  The contemporary work of James Trussart Guitars and the 60s 70s output of British Builder Tony Zemaitis inspired us to produce a range of etched metal parts for guitars – standard fit and custom shapes as required.

Our parts are used by…

  • Those wishing to customise their guitars – without making irreversible changes
  • Project guitar builders keen on producing something unique and different
  • Luthiers looking to offer top end custom options on their products
  • Any combinations of the above!

We mostly produce scratch plates or pick guards in a range of metals (nickel silver, bronze, aluminium, brass), with unique designs and patinas from rusted relics to pristine finishes.  Other products include truss rod covers, pick up surrounds, plectrums and plectrum key rings – but feel free to use our contact page to put in your requests.

Jane produces the etched designs and finishes, and carries out all etching and finishing herself ensuring that each product is  finished to our high quality.

Please bear in mind that these products are all unique and hand finished. As an artist and designer, Jane takes pride in the fact that most of her designs start as hand drawn images, which are then manipulated digitally to produce the final design. Those that aren’t done this way are royalty free images, like the Japanese stencil Koi designs.

As this is her unique selling point, she prefers to use her own artwork.

A small logo can sometimes be incorporated, for an extra charge.

Chris/BBB set up Bridge Street Guitars as his guitar building project, and now uses Custom CoolEtch parts on most of his builds to great effect.

Drop us a line, or see us and our products at select UK guitar shows.