Still working!

Another lockdown, but I’m still working, and will continue to do so as long as my suppliers are still trading. Hoping it will end on December 2nd, but there’s no guarantee really, unfortunately.

I can still post internationally, but please contact me if you are from outside the UK as some countries are on suspension.

Some new work for Bridge Street Guitars to show, and more in the pipeline! Also have been doing some more Sugar Skull designs in preparation for some jewellery in time for Christmas.

The copper tele is one of my particular favourites – it features a copper guard, control plate, bridge, neck plate and headstock logo! That’s a lot of copper, but I think it looks great patinated. The pic below shows more Bridge Street Guitars builds, and you can check out the latest news on FaceBook :

We are also setting up a BSG page on this site as well, so keep checking back for updates. Will post pics of the Sugar Skull jewellery shortly.

Christmas is coming so get your orders in as soon as possible, as I am very busy at the moment!