Latest News

Hope everyone is staying indoors and staying safe! I’ve been very busy for the last few months which has been great – as I work alone in my workshop at home I don’t get out much anyway so it’s been business as usual for me.

However, several of my suppliers are now closed, and as I don’t keep huge stocks of metal in the workshop, I’m not going to be taking any new orders on at the moment – at least for the next month or so, especially while things are so uncertain.

I can still be contacted using email or the contact form on here, or head on over to my Facebook page and send a message, I’m always happy to discuss projects.

Have had to increase my prices somewhat – metal prices are unpredictable at present. T style guards start from £100 and Strat style from £150. Any shape is possible as I cut by hand, but I do need an accurate template!

Some new work below, the copper guard is an embossed showpiece, but I can etch a similar design. There are some lovely Musicman brass plates with a stylised roses design, and a couple of “El Mariachi” from Guitarra Verde in Germany – a variation on a Sugar Skull design.

And finally a pic of a skull and roses Firebird guard I did for Neil Silverman of Newtone Strings!