Guitar Show time again.

Busy getting ready for the Northern Guitar Show at Rainton Meadows on Sunday 10th March! Looking forward to meeting new customers  – if there’s anything you would like to see, let me know.

We’ll be bringing along the latest builds from Bridge Street Guitars – hoping to get our Les Paul Junior with full face etched plate finessed by then.

I wasn’t completely happy with the way it looked when I showed it at the London Guitar Show last year, so I have given the plate a different finish, and the guitar itself will have a different pickup. Will try to gets pics up, if not here then definitely the Facebook page, so keep an eye out!

Have updated the T Style gallery to include different pickup configurations, and am working on an “Other Shapes” page and gallery, as I don’t just do Telecaster guards, just about any shape is possible with a template.

Little monochrome collage of recent stuff below!