Guitar Show time!

Have been very busy with orders since the start of the New Year, which is great. Things that are going well at the moment are smaller hardware items like control plates and neck plates. Prices for these start at £70 for a control plate – these are hand cut from thicker nickel sheet (or brass, copper, bronze), and take longer, hence the price. Neck plates start at £50. Please note I only use me own designs, but can incorporate text or a basic logo (as long as you have the copyright!) in the price, more intricate artwork costs slightly more.

Here are a few sets of tele style plates and matching control plates:NCG Build_1NCG Build_2The above plates were done for Andy Avison at Nottingham City Guitars. The next set were for a Nashville Tele:

DNNashville_ FinalDN Nashville_3Similar patina, different background designs, skulls and roses for the top, and roses for the bottom.

The next set is a heavily patinated black rose design on Richard Moore’s relic aztec gold tele, this includes a neck plate as well, and there is a clse up of the neck plate to show the design better.

RM_1RM_3RM Black Roses Set_4

At the moment we (Bridge Street Guitars and Custom Cool Etch) are getting ready for The Northern Guitar Show at Rainton Meadows on 18th March. As I have two large projects to try and finish before then, I will not be taking any more orders until the end of March.

I will post pics of work in progress hopefully!