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Have been very busy with orders since the start of the New Year, which is great. Things that are going well at the moment are smaller hardware items like control plates and neck plates. Prices for these start at £70 for a control plate – these are hand cut from thicker nickel sheet (or brass, copper, bronze), and take longer, hence the price. Neck plates start at £50. Please note I only use me own designs, but can incorporate text or a basic logo (as long as you have the copyright!) in the price, more intricate artwork costs slightly more.

Here are a few sets of tele style plates and matching control plates:NCG Build_1NCG Build_2The above plates were done for Andy Avison at Nottingham City Guitars. The next set were for a Nashville Tele:

DNNashville_ FinalDN Nashville_3Similar patina, different background designs, skulls and roses for the top, and roses for the bottom.

The next set is a heavily patinated black rose design on Richard Moore’s relic aztec gold tele, this includes a neck plate as well, and there is a clse up of the neck plate to show the design better.

RM_1RM_3RM Black Roses Set_4

At the moment we (Bridge Street Guitars and Custom Cool Etch) are getting ready for The Northern Guitar Show at Rainton Meadows on 18th March. As I have two large projects to try and finish before then, I will not be taking any more orders until the end of March.

I will post pics of work in progress hopefully!


Haven’t posted for a little while – been very busy!


Lots of pics to show. First a 335 scratchplate in brass for John Green, with a new roses pattern, quite a light patination on this one, but it enhances the pattern so much better. The build is by Andy Avison at Nottingham City Guitars

335 Collage

Also for John, I did a customised Nashville ‘plate with two strat size pickups, in a red paisley design.


I got a request for a customised neck plate, and these are proving popular – here are a couple as an example.N Plate CollageNeckPlate Final_1These have an initial to personalise them, but you could just have a motif or small logo as part of the design. These are going for about £50 in nickel, so ideal for a Christmas gift!

Last but not least, a large ‘plate along the same lines (design wise) as the full face scratchplate I did earlier in the year. This Tele Deluxe plate took a while, but it was worth it in the end, it looks amazing in situ!

The “N” neck plate above was part of the same project.

Deluxe Collage

And that’s about it for now. Please get in touch if you like what you see and would like something similar for your own guitar!


Large Plate Guitar_1Apologies for not having updated the website in a while!

I’m pleased that I was finally able to fulfill a desire I’ve had from when Custom Cool Etch was started – I had always wanted to make a full – face metal scratchplate, and set myself the challenge of having it ready for the Northern Guitar Show in March.

Of course, I couldn’t do this without the help of my other half from Bridge Street Guitars, as he would be responsible for the rest of the build. We had a guitar in mind, and a set of McNelly pickups, so I decided to use aluminium as it’s easier to cut.

The cutting out was the easiest part for me, the hard bit was deciding on the artwork. I tend to overthink everything, so all the design elements got reworked so many times, but I’m happy with the final look. Not that we got to spend much time with the finished article – I thought that we’d be coming home with it after the show, so didn’t take as many pics, but it sold virtually as soon as it was on the stand!

I will be doing more of these – in particular I fancy a copper aged one, so keep visiting the site!

Large Plate Collage

Also, something a little different – pickup covers. I had thought about these some time ago, but as most are plated I didn’t really do much about getting hold of some. However, I had a query about Humbucker covers and managed to find some unplated nickel ones on Axesrus. Pattern transfer was a little fiddly, but they etched and patinated well, and their owner is very happy.

If anyone is interested in these, please get in touch, something similar would be around £45 + shipping.

Covers Collage

And finally, I am now selling Standard T Style ‘plates on Etsy:


So if you fancy a quick sale have a look. These are made to fit Standard Telecasters only (8/5 hole) not copies or non standard guitars – for those you need a custom order, and you can either convo me on Etsy, message on Facebook, or use the contact form on here.

Pic below shows a happy Etsy customer!

FW Guitar


That’s all for now!


My latest work – a set of hand-made ‘plates for Ally Lee’s Firebird. I think they look pretty good, and so does he. These are in aluminium to echo the original ‘plates, with the KSVT lettering nestling amidst a slightly distressed sugar skulls and roses pattern. I have also included the original logo on the headstock, as a tribute to Raygun Relics.al_plate_3al_plate_4al_plate_2al_plate_7


Many apologies for not updating the site to say we are not attending the South of England Guitar Show today. This is due to unforeseen circumstances – we would love to be there, but just can’t make it.

You can still go and have fun without us!

Have just checked out our mention in 4.52am online mag from the lovely Mark Davidson (Jooky Guitars), both Custom Cool Etch and Bridge Street Guitars get glowing reviews!

Check out the latest in the mag here. It’s free and comes out at 4.52am every Sunday, and there are lots of interesting articles and reviews as well.

Mark is also the editor  of Guitar Quarterly, you can find out more about this cool mag here:


We’ll be posting pics of our new full fascia ‘plate soon, and other lovely goodies that we couldn’t take to the show