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Been ticking along nicely here – attended the Leeds Bradford Guitar Show in October and had a great time!  The pick necklaces are proving very popular (see pics) and if you would like one get in touch – Christmas is coming! Also available are skull earrings and necklaces in copper and brass

Have had to update the email address for the Contact Form as the other has expired – any problems getting in touch head over to the Custom Cool Etch Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/CustomCooletch and send a message that way.

As from next August this website will no longer be live, and I’ll only be using the FB page. Most, if not all the images in the product galleries are on the Facebook page, and if you need more info/images just get in touch.


Some nice pics featuring Bridge Street Guitars latest build – the ancient pinecaster! Lovely aged distressed body, and brass short plate and control plate by me. I was going to do a combined scratch/control plate but think the cut down version looks better, so you can see more of the body. I quite like this shape and may do more plates like this.

I’ve still to do a custom neckplate for this as I’ve been busy with orders, but will get round to it shortly, and will post pics when I do.

We had originally planned to show this guitar at the re-scheduled North East Guitar Show this year, but due to Covid considerations has been moved to 20th March 2022, so if anybody is interested in this guitar then get in touch using the contact form on this site, or head over to the Bridge Street Guitars Facebook page .



So, I haven’t posted since December, which is really bad – we are still in lockdown but happier times are on the way in the next few months. It’s been a really wet winter where we are, and my workshop roof is leaking really badly, so it will have to be replaced. This is happening within the next week so I can start working in there again, which is good news!

Haven’t got any pics to post at the moment, but am working on a couple of Bridge Street Guitar builds and hope to have something to show soon.

The North East Guitar Show which is normally held in March will be moved to Sunday August 8th at Rainton Meadows – we missed the guitar shows last year, and are hoping that the Covid situation will have stabilised by August. It will be good to get out and about to meet people again.

Unfortunately, Brexit has meant that EU customers will incur extra charges – VAT, possibly customs (depending on the order, currently over £270), which is a pain. I’m hoping that some sort of agreement can be reached, but I’m not holding my breath!

And don’t forget, I can cut any shape plate as long as I have a suitable template. At present, to give you an idea of price, a Tele style plate starts at £100, Strat at £150, control plate at £95. These are just rough estimates, as design changes and extra artwork cost more.


Another lockdown, but I’m still working, and will continue to do so as long as my suppliers are still trading. Hoping it will end on December 2nd, but there’s no guarantee really, unfortunately.

I can still post internationally, but please contact me if you are from outside the UK as some countries are on suspension.

Some new work for Bridge Street Guitars to show, and more in the pipeline! Also have been doing some more Sugar Skull designs in preparation for some jewellery in time for Christmas.

The copper tele is one of my particular favourites – it features a copper guard, control plate, bridge, neck plate and headstock logo! That’s a lot of copper, but I think it looks great patinated. The pic below shows more Bridge Street Guitars builds, and you can check out the latest news on FaceBook :


We are also setting up a BSG page on this site as well, so keep checking back for updates. Will post pics of the Sugar Skull jewellery shortly.

Christmas is coming so get your orders in as soon as possible, as I am very busy at the moment!




Hope everyone is staying indoors and staying safe! I’ve been very busy for the last few months which has been great – as I work alone in my workshop at home I don’t get out much anyway so it’s been business as usual for me.

However, several of my suppliers are now closed, and as I don’t keep huge stocks of metal in the workshop, I’m not going to be taking any new orders on at the moment – at least for the next month or so, especially while things are so uncertain.

I can still be contacted using email or the contact form on here, or head on over to my Facebook page and send a message, I’m always happy to discuss projects.

Have had to increase my prices somewhat – metal prices are unpredictable at present. T style guards start from £100 and Strat style from £150. Any shape is possible as I cut by hand, but I do need an accurate template!

Some new work below, the copper guard is an embossed showpiece, but I can etch a similar design. There are some lovely Musicman brass plates with a stylised roses design, and a couple of “El Mariachi” from Guitarra Verde in Germany – a variation on a Sugar Skull design.

And finally a pic of a skull and roses Firebird guard I did for Neil Silverman of Newtone Strings!